Need advice on marriage

I filed for divorce from first marriage over 25 years ago attorney said divorce was final I was a free woman go start a new life, I did i remarried, first marriage was not granted untill 01-12-1983, I was married again 12-12-1982, I got married exactly 30 days before divorce was granted, my attorney confused me on the limits of being free, scared at the time I kept quiet about the marriage in fear of what the judge would say,I have been with second husband for over 25 years we have 2 adult sons,my name was changed on social secuity and all other legal documents to my present name 25 years ago,my husband of 25 years says we are legally married I say we arent,how do we make it legal if it isnt, if we remarry do I use my previous married name or my married name present,as I have no documents other than divorce papers with previous name on it,which does not match social security card or drivers lic.we each consider to be married and still want to be married,its just the legal aspect ,for legal insurance , social sec and etc. heading toward our later years in life what if anything do we need to do ,Thank you