Divorce from Bed and Board

My husband filed for Divorce from Bed and Board stating I was abusive. At the time he left I had just had surgery a week and half before. I had an open wound and a drain sutured in my skin I couldn’t abuse him if I wanted too I couldn’t lift my arms due to sutures. We have been sleeping together since as well as hanging out with our kids together he also sleeps over. I recently got a message from an email account stating the account had too many emails and need to delete some before it automatically deleted it. I had totally forgotten about this account it was his that he was not using since he got caught cheating via email/Facebook this was changed where we both could view the account over a year ago 3/2013. He had shut down his Facebook at that time but obviously reopened the account after he moved out of the home. There were over a thousand emails, Facebook messages and password resets from Facebook. This man had opened his account on Facebook back up with the same email and didn’t I guess remember the account was opened still since he had opened a different email account up. Now with Divorce from bed and board it states we can have sex together and with abuse allegations he shouldn’t be near me. Does this not violate and would not hold up in court? I have court 8/21 his attorney sent me an agreement and thought I would sign stating we would keep the car on each others credit. I sent back stating no because I know his credit is bad and the truck is brand new financed at 42,000.00 my car is on 15,000.0 financed. We would refinance or sell both cars. Can I show in the 386 pages of messages from his Facebook where it shows that he actually left me for a female and admitted to sex with her over the past 4 months also show about 10 other women he had been dating and sleeping with? I have never cheated and always supported myself he gets BHA from military and gives me non although he claims me and my son as dependents. I need a lawyer so bad but hoping I can make it through by God’s grace for being genuine in this relationship. I literally have nothing to hide at all. Please help me. Let me know if there is a form to fill out to dismiss the divorce from bed and board since it was all false.