Bed and Board

Divorce from bed and board is simply a forced separation. If he is out of the house then you are separated. Change the locks and tell him not to come back.

As to both your past affairs…My opinion (which isn’t worth much) is that they canceled each other out. As to his most recent affair… He committed marital fault and if he is the supporting spouse then he would probably end up paying you alimony. BUT, given your past “faults” he might argue that you also were at fault and he owes you nothing. Just my opinion.

I would like to know this. Both of us were unfaithful in the marriage. We got back together and things were okay. (basically forgiving eachother) Almost 6 months later he was off doing the same things as before. I was hurt and destroyed because i trusted in his words.

My question is this. If we were back together and i didn’t do anything but he did. Could I divorce him from bed and board? I am talking about after we put the past behind us and i thought our marriage would be saved but almost a year later i kicked him out for being unfaithful again.