Divorce from bed and board

honey please call your local rape and diomestic violence in your area. You should be able to find the phone number in the book under diomestic violence, rape, or abuse center. If you cant find the number the police station will have it, and other agency like social services. They will help you anytime day or night 7 days a week, they know all the steps to everything, and all the laws. Once your kids are in the system it is hard to get them out but do what you have to do to get it done. I know it is hard, I have walked in your shoes but so glad to hear that you have decided to get out of that type of marriage. Good luck!!

Dear Sickandtired:

Greetings. First, if your husband has abused you, call the police and get a domestic violence restraining order. Not protecting yourself is not an option. I am sure that what they mean is that CPS would like to see the conflict in your home reduced, not that you cannot protect yourself or your children. Have him removed by a domestic violence action right now. DO NOT WAIT ANOTHER DAY.

Yes, you can file any action yourself if you know how to draft the complaint and follow through on the same. A domestic violence action is a little easier to file on your own. Thank you.

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My husband is a cocaine addict. His behavior is very unpredicatable. I have had to call the police multiple times. Now child services is involved and I feel as though I am held hostage by all this. They want us to get counseling and “not fight or call the police.” Last night I was slapped and raped by him but of course can’t call the police for fear of my children being taken away. I have read about a
Divorce from Bed and Board and this seems to be the best choice for me. Is this something I can file myself? I feel if I have him out of the house then my DSS case will be closed. But for now, I can’t legally kick him out, he can sell anything I have and I am forced to allow him to treat me any way he wants to. We have only been married 14 months and we have no children together. Please advise. Thanks.