Divorce from outside of the country. Possible to apply?

Hello, Sir/Madam!
My husband is threatening me. I am a foreigner, married my husband a while ago and now I am outside of the country. I left to my home country for the time of him deploying. Now he is deployed and I do want a divorse. I’m not American citizen, don’t have any green card or whatsoever and never was applied for one, but I am legally married to my husband, so may I being away from the US and not being american citizen apply for divorse with my husband?? We are separated for almost a year already. I do want to divorce him and don’t want to have anything to do with him nor need anything from him. He commited adultery and other things but I don’t want to press any charges against him or whatever, but just want to divorce peacefully and get away from him. But he doesn’t want to divorse me!!! And threatened me if I even think about divorsing him and try to do this he will try to SUE me with “telling the judges I married him in order to get a US citizenship” or something like that! It sounds insane to me since I’m not even in the coutry, never was applied for anything, but I’m here abroad and don’t want anything to do with him at all. He says I will not be able to apply for divorse because I’m not even American resident or citizen, and that he indeed can do whatever he wants to me with all this groundless and with no prove accusations and can bring me problems… So I want to ask how I can divorse this man and if he really can do anything to me with his threats!!! Is it possible at all for him to prove what he said in his accusations and if I can do the divorse on my own? Without his approval and him interfering?.. Would be greatfull for a reply. Thank you.
With respect.

If you are out of the country, but he is in NC then you may hire an attorney to obtain a divorce for you, but you have to be separated for 1yr before you can file for divorce.