Divorce Hearing


I was served divorce papers in April by my spouse. I submitted paperwork for an uncontested divorcee.
The paperwork only outline the divorcee, no mention of property distribution or spousal payments.
I just received an email that my divorcee hearing is July 1. I was never served docments to advise me of the divorcee hearing date. I can not make the hearing. I would like to know what happens at this hearing and what is to be decided regarding the divorcee. If I cannot attend does this close the door on any settlement for equal distribution or spousal payments or is this revisted again at another court date.

I have been unable to afford to hire a lawyer since I have been out of work for 1yr and
just recently obtained employment again. My spouse does have legal representation.


Nothing will be decided at the hearing, other than the divorce begin entered if that is all that the hearing is set for. If you do not file counterclaims for spousal support and equitable distribution prior to the divorce begin entered you are barred from doing so and the claims are forever lost.