Divorce judgement invalid what now?

Can I ask how that happened?? My brother and his ex both lied about their seperation. He was trying to be a nice guy and she wanted her new man. If I can find out how to have everything voided, I would love it.

It is a rule 60 motion that has to be filed. Talk to a lawyer, the sooner the better…
I was hoping to hear anyone’s take on this!!!

A couple lied about their separation date, now the judgement and agreement are invalid and the couple is still married. They must file (again) for divorce. BUT, the husband has moved on, started living with another woman. Now, the other spouse wants to file for divorce and claims to want to take the him to the cleaners for adultery etc. with the alimony hearing. This is a strange situation, being that they had a divorce paper for 9 months or so before he moved in with the new woman.
Will this affect his alimony payment?
Can his live in girlfriend’s pay affect the alimony?

The house the couple shared was foreclosed on shortly after the first “divorce” but she claims to want money from this that she thinks she was owed, and believes he still owes her from the first sep. agreement. He paid over $800/month alimony/pension to her every month along with much else. This payment was steep. Could it affect his new alimony hearing? In the past year,she refuses to work, has no minor children, and wants to live off of his alimony/pension payments, is this a factor with the alimony?
Any info would be great. Thank you