Lies in a case

My husband is in the military. I am not sure where he is a resident of as his home of record is Ohio, License plates are North Carolina and drives license is Virginia. He has no intention on moving back to North Carolina once he gets out of the military but is saying that is his place of residence because his mother and father live there. They plan on moving soon. That’s lie number one.Lie number two is that he is saying that we separated with the intent to remain separated 4 days after we wed. Would a judge really believe that? He has since then leased an apartment for me as well as given me power of attorney. The last day that we were together as husband and wife was April yet he is saying it was december the yr prior, the apartment was leased the following June. I know that Judges aren’t stupid but I can’t believe his lawyer is letting him say this. I have pictures, videos and emails that show we planned on being together, I was actually planning to go overseas with him and have the email from his sponsor where he is stating it. The problem is that he is saying that we have been separated for a year. He is perjuring himself and I’m afraid that he might win. I live in and am a resident of La. I can not afford a lawyer nor do up there to defend my self. I did submit a response to the divorce though. My question is an I completely hopeless, will the judge believe his lies, and am I screwed?

I’m sure the Judge will pick the side they think is truthful. Is there a reason you want to “extend” the marriage? April starts in 2 days, so at best his “lie” would only extend the marriage 2 to 32 days from today, by the time you get a judgement it would have been a year even by your account.

Respond to the complaint for divorce and point out the factual inaccuracies in his complaint for divorce.

I’m sticking up for myself.

I have a summary for judgement date set and a support date set Do I have to attend both? I’m trying to get them for the same day because I live in another state. What are the odds that the judge will be believe me. I have the truth on my side. I know some people think it’s pointless but I just refuse to be bullied.

Insist on what you believe!Come on and get the success!