Lied to and abandoned

My husband told me he was an officer in the US Army Reserves, had numerous degrees & medals. Once we were married I began to find out things that may not be what he old me. However, I was not able to prove it. He always had an excuse for the difference in what I did know & his situation. I wanted to believe in him & chose to drop it.
After a year of being married, he decided that we should move to Arizona. I quite my government job (which was the main source of our income) to move out there on a whim. Once there, he still never got a job, I was working over 60+ to make ends meet. Finally he got a job, then within weeks he told me he didn’t love me anymore & he wanted a divorce. We had only been married a year and a half at this point.
After I moved out of the bedroom & in my daughter’s room (couldn’t afford to leave due to having to keep paying the bills there), he told us to leave in June 2008.
I found out from his family after we left to come home that everything was a lie as I had suspected.
My question is…can I legally get an annullment after 2 years of marriage, since he lied to me. Due to the fact he is impersonating an officer & is lying to everyone he meets about it moreso than anything.
I feel as though he abandoned our marriage. Even though I knew he was lying, he was not affecionate, or the provider he made himself out to be, I was willing to believe in him.
What is the best course of action for me? I have no address for him, as he lives in a motorhome. He refuses to give it to his ex-wife & mother. His sister just died today & has two children (one that is a special needs child) that he has no contact with only because he doesn’t want to pay child support.
I have been told it will cost me dearly to get a divorce becasue of no address.
Please advise what is the most logical way for me to proceed. Thank you for your assistance.

Based on the facts you cannot get an annulment, at least in NC. If the last place you lived, and still live is AZ you will need to file the action there. I cannot give legal advice regarding a divorce action in any state other than NC.

We were married in NC & I reside in NC. He is in New Mexico, last I heard.

I have been home, NC, since June 2008.

You may file for the divorce action here, and serve him via publication in the newspaper in the county of his last know residence.

Thank you for all your help on these issues. It has been most helpful. :slight_smile:

You are very welcome, I wish you all the best.