Two Questions - Lying on ED and Fraud

I have two questions. First, I just received the answer to my ED request. I submitted all my financials, pay statements, bank records etc… My ex just sent his back from his lawyer that had 19 questions. Besides his name, everything was a lie, especially his work record (states he only worked 6 weeks in 4 years- BIG LIE), states he has no bank account (which he does)and supporting my military career (which he ruined in 2 years). He wants spousal support, which I wont give him because I am unemplyed thanks to him wrecking my career and being forced to retire. I can prove all this is a lie- do I do that when we go to court?

Also, I was only married 4 years, together for about 2 of them. My husband pretended to be someone in order to intentionally lure me (he knew of my father) in order to obtain money. From the day we got married, he was completely different who trapped me and forced me to give him money (I know it sounds crazy, but when you carry a weapon for your work and someone threatens you with a false 50B weekly- you do what you have to in order to save your job). He only married me for money and I found out I am the 6th wife he has done this to. Can I sue him civil for marriage fraud? I know you can be punished for immigration fraud, but what about defrauding a person??

If he has information that you believe he is hiding, you should propound additional discovery including tax information and social security information to show income. You should also write a demand letter for the statements required under the rules, including anything you may know about the bank accounts he claims don’t exist.

There is not an action for civil marriage fraud against another person in NC. Depending upon the fraud, it may be a reason for the marriage to be annuled rather than having to go through the process of divorce. Annulments are rare, but you may want to seek a consultation to determine if that is the right path for you.