Suckered in to it

Bad news, you’re a guy and that means you go into court with 4 strikes against you. See if you can find any proof that shows that she led you to believe she was moving there with you. In a worse case scenario, call her and ask her to give yo a sincere honest answer as to why she misled you. Record the conversation, there’s your proof. “Most” Judges with any common sense know these kind of things happen on a regular basis. If there aren’t kids involved, just remember that LOVE is just a four letter word and move on. However if there are kids involved you have to be careful that she doesn’t accuse you of abandoning her and the kid(s), this is where the “proof” is extremely useful.

I kind of got suckered into the live apart thing in the seperation. Being in the military I had no chose but to leave and when I did thats when I was told that she was filing for a seperation. Thinking that she was going to move here with me I wasn’t planning on a seperation in the future. Can that be use aganist me in living apart for a year? Because if that is true that was really a low blow and there is nothing I can do, right? Please help![:(]