DIY Annulment or divorce

I’ve been married since March 2014 and I was wondering if I could get a annulment since we have not lived together or consummated the marriage. I want to do this on my own, don’t have money for a attorney. I want to know if I would qualify for an annulment on those grounds and if I do how do I go about doing it myself (i.e. The forms and the cost to file the annulment/divorce). Also don’t want to wait a whole year for the separation part I just want to be done with him ASAP. Also would he have to sign them and/or could I run a ad in paper to get the process done quicker. Please respond to me ASAP.

We have an article on who can get an annulment which may be beneficial to you. Whether you can get an annulment will really depend on why you didn’t consummate the marriage and why you weren’t living together. You have to attempt other types of service before you can serve via publication unless you do not know where the other party is located.