Do I have to attend court

After the court date has been set, do I have to attend the court date? I do not wish to see him and feel unsafe around him. He has already attempted suicide a few times this year, while we were separated. He does not want to use an attorney like I suggested. He admitted adultery in the form of a handwritten letter he delivered to my residence on Sunday. Will I get a copy of the divorce decree if I don’t attend the court date? Where would I mail the answer to the civil summons?

When he serves me with papers I am not planning on going to court. We have nothing between us. I would guess that they would send me the papers by mail? Each case is different though…

You do not have to attend the divorce hearing. If he has served you with papers, you should send your answer to the clerk by mailing it to the courthouse. You can find the address by visiting If you do not attend the hearing, he should mail you a copy of the divorce decree to the address at which you were served.