Do I have to let Grandma see my son?


I know that NC law is what you all know best, but I have a question that I think you can still answer (I used to live in NC). I now live in FL with my son, and his paternal Grandmother lives in SC. She has taken to thinking that whenever she wants to come down and visit, that I should drop everything and make the time to see her with my son.

I have NEVER trusted her to be alone with my son (not even when he was a baby), and now I trust her even less to be alone with him, so visiting him without me present is not an option. Her son (my ex) has only supervised visitation in my state (due to drug addiction), and has yet to comply with the court order to get a visit.

I have, in the past, tried to be accomodating to her, and have dropped everything a few times to allow her to have visitation with my son, which not only has made my son physically sick on more than one occasion (from too much activity), but also completely screws up our weekend routine, errands, etc, not to mention, it’s VERY awkward having to spend time with her considering I don’t really like her. She is an enabler to the nth degree, and I cannot stomach the idea of being with her any time soon, which therefore would mean that since I don’t want to be around her, and that’s the only way she sees my son, that she will not be having any visitation in the near future.

I guess my question is: Do I have to let her see him, or could I just tell her that she can visit with my son on HER son’s visitation time (which is currently just at a supervised location, and they do not allow anyone else in the room) once he earns unsupervised visitation? It seems unreasonable to me that I should be expected to forego my entire weekend to spend every single moment with her when she comes to FL…

And, does the fact that I have let her see him in the past (never alone, never without me) matter?


Unfortunately, I am not authorized to practice law in SC or FL. I can only provide legal advice in NC. In NC however, you wouldn’t have to accomodate her visitation requests, but I do not know what the law is in SC or FL on this subject.