My grandson

My daughter passed away in February 2013. She was married and had a son who was almost 2. Her husband and my grandson lived with us for almost 15 months after. During this time I took care of him 90% of the time. They then moved to Georgia for 3 months. All the while he was dating a girl. (which is fine…no issues there). He moved back to NC in August, lived with his parents and then with his girlfriend who is now his fiancé. For whatever reason, he will not have any contact with me at all. We are not invited to birthday parties or Christmas plays etc. My son in law told my husband to back off. He couldn’t meet our demands. We haven’t demanded anything. We ask to see our grandson but are usually denied. I have seen him once in 4 months. Has anything changed for grandparents in NC? Are their any exceptions that have been made in court lately? I want and need to have a relationship with my grandson. He is only 4 but we have always been close. And now this…I just don’t understand when and how everything went wrong.

Unfortunately grandparents have limited rights when it comes to seeking visitation. We discuss this (and the relevant case law) in our article: Third Party Visitation.