Grandparents Rights in NC

My daugbter in law has prevented me from visiting my Granddaughter for nearly 5 years. I babysat all the time until she was almost 7mo and then I made the mistake of offering to her the opportunity to plan 1 day a week that she could count on as hers, for appointments, sleep, whatever. She replied they’d talk about it. Talked with my son a couple times he said they hadn’t had a chance to talk. This was not sitting well as I thought and verbalized that his wife had been acting oddly towards me since their wedding the previous year. I had been afraid that Hadley would be the proverbial other shoe I’d been waiting to drop. And she was. After waiting about 2 weeks, my spineless son and my spouse went on their occasional cycle ride to Oriental. Over coffee he explained that his wife wanted me to come for at 3 days of orientation before I could spend the day with the baby. Mind you I’ve been taking care of the baby frequently until that moment. Had all the equipment.
I have been a RN since 1984, quite successfully I might add. I’d raised 3 children, the last was 16 and at home. I worked many years as a Consultant and have an unnerving knack for predictive behaviors and outcomes. I tried very hard not to fall in love with Hadley. I saw this coming. I took a picture of her little lips;my family laughed. They aren’t laughing any more. In 5 yrs I’ve seen her maybe 5 times because I barg in. March 8 I sat on her porch and she sat inside with both doors open and showed her photos I brought with a little photo album. She hugged me hard and said “I love you Nana”. That was the first I’d gotten close enough to pick her up.
Enough. I found out by accident that the parents have been separated since 4/9/15.
My son is furious. Seems like he has some plan on surprising het with the 1 yr thing. I know he’s lying about having an attorney; he sent me a cease and desist email that made me giggle.
I can not afford a Family Law attorney. I am on SS Disability at 1700/mo. I have completed a Paralegal /Nurse Consultant program for my past employer. So I’m on my own. I have tried to mediate, offered paid consuling to no avail. They ignore me.
Due to the change in the living situation would I be able to file a Request for Standing to start? Thank you, Nana

We discuss grandparent visitation rights in the following article. If there is an ongoing custody dispute between your son and his ex, then you can file a motion to intervene. If there is no custody action pending, you may not have standing to pursue any legal action for visitation.