Grandparent visitation

I am. My son is 14 and I had let him stay with my ex for a year by a court order. My ex and his wife kept my son past the year and then my ex passed away this summer. His wife kept my son and my ex father in law and her sued me for custody.

I have a consent agreement signed by a judge (guess that makes it court ordered) where my son was finally able to come home but he has visits every other weekend, 3 weeks in the summer and holidays as ‘mutually agreed on’…the thing is we can’t agree on anything.

His grand dad has not contacted my son in over 4 months and when my son goes for the visits its just with his step mom. I am hoping to get it modified once my son has been with me for 6 months…as I have since been told if I’d had a lawyer and fought them they would not even have gotten visitation…What is sad is I don’t know that the ‘family’ even cares about him…I think its more to ‘get my goat’ more than anything else. I’ve decided not to let it bother me (or at least try not to let anyone know how much it bothers me)

The stepmom hates me…as she was the ex wife while my ex and I were married. She has even told my son in front of me that I wanted his dad to die. She is deliberately trying to alienate my child from me and cause problems with us.

I wish you luck and keep me posted on how your situation works out.

i am if you read my article about my daughter being abused you will know my situation. my daughter’s GREAT- GRANDMOTHER was granted custody of her.

So many topics are on custody/visitation arrangements between 2 parents, what about between a parent and a grandparent? Anyone dealing with a court order that gives a grandparent visitation rights?