Summer visitation

My ex and I agreed to split the summer; however, the mediator didn’t think we needed to put anything in writing. My ex has made a proposal for the summer, I agreed, then he has changed his mind. If we can’t agree, it will be heard in court. I want grandparent visitation addressed also. Our 8 yo has visited with my parents every summer, anywhere from 2 weeks to almost the whole summer. Plus the time they come to visit him. He is very close to them. My ex is refusing any grandparent visitation. He does want in writing that scouts will take precedence over whatever else is going on during the summer.

What I would like to do is 2 weeks on, 2 weeks off, with one 2 week interval with his grandparents. Alternate every other year who starts vacation off. I would also like to put in there that our son should be back home from wherever scheduled 3 nights before the start of school, to get into a routing. I would like to give my ex a fair proposal to avoid going to court.

My question is, is my proposal fair? Or what is usually done for summer with grandparent visitation included? Any suggestions would be great! Thanks!

I think your proposal is reasonable especially given the pattern in which your child has spent with his grandparents. Grandparent visitation is not required under the laws of this state, however the court can consider any factor that is in the child’s best interests.