Grandparent visitation

I am assuming the current visitation schedule had been in place for several years. Given the current ages of the children and the antimosity shown toward the “new family”, have you thought about filing to change the current order? At 10 and 12, both kids are very capable of phoning when and if they want to. You may also get to move with your job, but you need to get this addressed before hand. Good luck.

I am a parent who for 6 years has been taken to court by my kid’s maternal grandma for contempt dealing with the visitation that is in place. Their mom lost her rights years ago because she had started taking drugs after we split up and eventually was injecting them. The court system terminated her rights and i was given full custody and grandma got visitation as an Intervenor who became involved in the case. The mom died a few years later, leaving me with no child support, social security benefits, or life insurance for my children. I have since remarried, had another child, and am dealing with their mother’s mother who can not stand the fact that the children now have an intact family unit, a sister, and a new mom who they like to refer to as “mom.” She constantly goes against things that i tell my children in relation to their religion, their health, and their general upbringing. She has even told them that I haven’t raised them right and then later first denied saying this to them and then finally apologized. My children are now 2, 10 and 12, and they ask us (my wife and I) to end her visitation so that we may all be a “normal” family. they have to go to grandma’s every other weekend and EVERY Holiday for a week and they miss out on some vacations with their new sibling and both of us parents because they are at her house. I feel like my hands are tied as not only their FATHER, but as the ONLY parent they have known since they were 2 and 4. Grandma questions them about everything and constantly asks if their stepmom is nice to them. She has taken me to court over missed phone calls if she can not reach them every 48 hours as the court order states. Anyone else ever heard of anything so crazy? We just found out that my company may transfer me for work and I don’t even know if i can go.