Alienation from out of state relatives

I don’t think there is anything you can legally do. I based this on a person my wife knows, she lives in NC, who hasn’t seen her grandchildren since her son died. The children’s mother has refused to all her to see them. She checked with an attorney and found that grandparents have no legal rights in the situation.

Hello, I am seeking some legal advice on what to do in our situation. My wife’s daughter legally married in N.C. to a man(both are originally from Pa.) is what we think is keeping her out of touch w/ ALL her reletives here and abroad. what can be done to get some time w/ her w/out making matters worse? Cannot talk on the telephone(disconnected) or Cell (always in his possesion). Took 3-4 months to actually get ahold of her after her baby was born. Can anyone help?