Do I need to refile?


There is no limit on your filing date however if your husband is not served within 60 days of the date the summons was issued you will need to get the clerk to issue what is called an


Filed for absolute divorce on Nov. 14. No children, Husband no longer lives at last know residence. Paid for deputy service of summons and sent certfied mail. Went to clerk to request court date she said “cant until deputy turns in paperwork”. Went to deputy and he said “Will attempt to serve until the court date”. Am now serving by process of publication. 40th day ending on Feb.3. My concerns are:
a)is there a time limit on my Nov. 14 file date?
b)how do I get deputy to stop attempts of service, do I need a form and file it at clerk?
c) will the publishers affidavit be sufficient to take to clerk and request a court date and will it cancel out the deputy paperowrk?
d)In my affidavit of service by publication there are 6 fields to fill out. I am unsure how to fill out number 1&6.
“as shown by attatched publisher’s affidavit and__________sheriff’s return of service”.
6:includes "information regarding the location of the person served used in determining the area in which service by publication was printed.
???I have had absolutely no contact with husband since Oct. 10, 2005 and assumed his last known address was sufficient to file for divorce. What other information is required?

Thanks for your attention