Do I owe her a car?

I moved out of my house over 3 months ago (with legal advice and a letter). My wife has been a stay at home Mom for 4 years. I leased a BMW for her and I almost 3 years ago. The payments on the BMW are $1,000/Month The lease ends in Sept. of this year. She says that I owe her a car equal to or close to what she is accustomed too.

Is this true? Is this a NC law?

Our other car is payed for and that’s the one I took. She didn’t want the car that was paid for. Now she is saying that I owe I have to buy her a car and ME make the payments while she stays at home thinking she doesn’t even have to get a job.


The law does not state that you must provide her with any particular type of car. Alimony is meant to allow the dependant spouse to maintain a standard of living close to that of what it was during the marriage, but that does not mean you are required to maintain a luxury vehicle for her.