Do I stand any chance at all?

My divorce judgment went into effect August 2005. Since that time, my income has never reached the amount projected for me. Although my ex’s income at the time was 4 times my income, I was ordered to pay 50% of all uninsured medical and dental expenses for my child. The ex retained control of the children’s UTMA accounts and he uses funds from the accounts to pay his portion of those expenses as well as his office reimbursing him for any uninsured medical expenses. I do not have that luxury and everything that I pay comes out of my pocket. My 24 year old son is still in school (law school) and during the summers, he lives with me. I incur expenses on his behalf. Is any of this worth taking back before the court? My lifestyle has changed drastically and it’s a stretch sometimes for me to abide by these orders. How much would it cost for me to hire a lawyer and try for a modification? I just don’t have the funds. Thanks.

You should request a modification especially since your son has aged out of child support. You will not be held legally responsible for his uninsured medical expenses by a court at this point.
You should schedule a consultation with a lawyer to determine how much he or she would charge for a modification, and you may be awarded attorney’s fees as well.