Do you think I can get full child custody


I’m currently a stay home dad looking after our 11 month old child. I sacrificed my job so that my wife could start a residency program in a different city. I’m currently undertaking (online) a software developer course and should be doing my certification exam in a month.

We’ve had disagreements here and there with my wife & now she has decided (no matter what i tell her and try to convince her) that she needs a separation from our 2yr old marriage. Despite her being abusive, returning to me her wedding ring and ignoring to talk to me completely for the past month I’m still determined to make this marriage work.

I don’t want a divorce because I don’t want my child to grow up in a broken family. If my wife was to get her wish, do I stand a chance of being the primary custodian? I have really bonded with my child and I would be so disappointed if I was to be separated from him especially after being the primary care giver for 9months now


[color=#000000]Hi there, this seems to be quite difficult time of your life. You can contact some family law lawyer who are supporting and advising specially in some of the most challenging and difficult times of your lives. Sometimes litigating a case in court isn’t necessarily the best way to resolve a case.[/color]