Document assets BEFORE marriage?


Does it make sense to document your assets before getting married such that if a divorce occurs at some time in the future,
the courts will be able to determine what assets were yours prior to marriage?

I’m thinking of things like 401Ks. IRAs, rental property, etc.
If these were owned prior to the marriage, does it make a difference (in NC)
how the assets will be divided if there is a divorce? Or do all the assets
become marital property?

thanks you,


Only assets and debts that accrue during the marriage are marital. If you want to make a list then that could be helpful in the event of a divorce.



So a simple list would do? Perhaps just some monthly statements?
No need for these things to be notarized?


Ryan is so mild mannered and so professional. YOU SHOULD ABSOLUTELY DO THAT. I wish I had done that. I would recommend keeping a copy and having the originals at your Dad / Mom’s house as well.