Receipie for avoid heavy property losses after divorce?

I am a male. I am thinking about getting married. When we get married, everything looks beautiful, but later you might find out that it was a wrong person.
Could you please recommend any recipe or “must do” checklist to minimize all kinds of losses after divorce? I noticed that males most of the time are at loss and for woman it’s always profitable.
I am concerned about cash savings, stocks, bonds, house, car, your own business.
How do you need to declare your property before marriage and keep it? Do I need to declare it at the moment of marriage as separate property? Will I be allowed? If so, can be this declaration canceled by court or some other law, etc?
To be honest, I am a nice person, but I am afraid to get married, listening to all kinds of cruel and devastating stories.

The best way to protect your separate property is with a pre-nuptial agreement, but there are other ways you can protect those property interests and keep them separate, but it really depends on the form of the asset. You should consider speaking with an attorney in your area to discuss your options and the best way to protect yourself.

Thank you.