Separation and come concerns


It sounds like you need a separation agreement to protect your best interest. If something should happen with your wife, you would still be responsible for paying any debts that may occur. I certainly would not divide marital property without having it documented in an agreemnt. Even the best situations where both persons agree on all issues, it is better to have it in writing. You never know when things could turn ugly.

Protect yourself!


I have a couple questions…

First, my wife and I have decided to separate, but are not sure if we will divorce. I am planning on moving back to Michigan where my family is, but before I go I wanted to make sure that if I move out of North Carolina that it wouldn’t cause legal issues for me later.

Second, we have already decided how to divide our property, do I need a document stating how we did this and what could happen if we don’t have some sort of separation agreement?

Last, I know that we will still be married so having a sexual relationship with another woman while we are separated could cause legal issues. What could happen if I were to find somebody else while separated and is there a way to make it ok to have a sexual relationship with someone else while separated?

Thanks in advance for your responses!