I have a few simple questions…

my situation is that my ex wife has made me do supervised visitation for the last 11 weeks because her lawyer said that she could. we have several court dates coming up in the very near future one of which is a TPA.

  1. I have months worth of documentation that I have written down. I was wandering of this documentation needs to be in the 1st person format or 3rd. What way do you think it will sound best?

  2. I also have read of several sites that it is a good idea to document the ways in which the other parent has been unavailable to the child. What does Mecklenburg county want to see? For example: her work schedule, her not being home with my son, him spending most of his time with her parents, etc… should I do this? Does this make it seem as if I “bashing” the other parent or do you think it could help me? I do not want to bash her, I just want to do what best for my son. How do I create these documents without making it seem as if I’m just bashing her just to get him taken away from her.

If you have kept a journal of sorts which describes the interactions with your ex I would suggest it be done in the first person to avoid confusion.

I can’t say what evidence will be persuasive to any one judge in any one case, but showing the other parent’s unavailability would necessarily involve showing the court evidence of her work schedule and her overuse of alternative care.

Creating a strategy for presentation of evidence is beyond the scope of this forum.