My x travels multiple overnights for his job, leaving our toddler home with his now partner overnights. X is rarely there for exchanges and my child now says she does;t see him or he is working much of the parenting time. With our circumstances, there is a possibility we would be in court (again) unfortunately.
My question (which my lawyer has been vague on answering), is how do I go about documenting these absences? Should I video my child’s account? Document on paper? Get a PI? What is best to uphold should we be in court again for him wanting more custody (even though he is not there). How can I prove this to a judge should I need to? Also, he works for family so they will & have lied about hours he works and nature of his job.

Hiring a PI is a good idea, that would certainly give you evidence that he is not at the home during his overnight stays. You can also just keep a journal of what your daughter tells you, making note of when she says that he wasn’t there on his overnight. Any evidence you can provide of his absence will work to your advantage.