Both parties have to sign and get them notarized. Since you are in the Military, you should see if you access to the base lawyers to help you out. It’s a lot cheaper and less of a headache than dealing with civilian lawyers. If your base does not have this, check and see if there are lawyers on a nearby base. They will usually help out even if you’re in a different branch of service (but you may go on the bottom of their priority list).

Thanks hawkman. I figured that was the deal but I just had to make sure. My mind is all screwed up with everything that is going on I don’t know what do to sometimes. Oh well, enough crying about it. Thanks again.

I have a guestion. Do both parties have to sign the legal seperation papers for it to be legal or can the one filing use a power of attorney to sign the other person name even if it is notorized?[B)]