Soldier in need of information

My bf who is deployed in Iraq is having serious issues with his divorce (he is from NC). When he was first deployed (2004) he had been seperated for over 6mths and his ex asked for divorce. She had sent him the divorce papers which he has signed and returned to her (at which time she claimed she had turned them in). When he came back from deployment he never asked to receive official divorce papers because that was the last thing on his mind, and he never thought he would ever need them. We have planned to get married when he gets back from deployment.
Now that he needs the divorce papers for us to marry, she claims to have never filed them!
Our wedding is scheduled to be 3mths after his redeployment (not much time).
Being in Iraq at this time, he has no access to lawyer or anything else for that matter to make sure divorce is completed before our wedding.
Can you please advise me, on he can assure that this is done, and that we can get married in Oct.
This is difficult/stressfull on him (and he does not need stress at this time), and on myself, cause I have been trying to get all arrangements done so we don’t have that stress on his return.

Can anybody help?? or have information on how we go about to assure that we will be getting married in Oct.