Separation with deployment time

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My cousin is currently deployed in Bagdad. Prior to him leaving his marraige was already in turmoil. Since he’s been gone things have just gotten out of hand. His wife has stated that she doesn’t want him, she is activly searchig for someone else and that she plans to move to another state. Instead of being a supporting military wife in this time, she has done everything but. It’s our family who sends the care packages, cards and words that would help build his emotional moral. She on the other hand sends humiliating emails. As if the man doesn’t have enough to go through day to day. The war in his marraige is bigger than the war that he’s in. I’ve read that NC law requires the two parties to be seperated for a year before they can be divorced. However, his deployment is about to end and he doesn’t even want to return home. How will this affect him legally if he moves out upon return and files a legal separation? From what I’ve read (emails from her)it really wouldn’t be in his best intrest to return to that house. Our family is really concerned that after experiencing some of the things that he has dealt with in Iraq, it really wouldn’t be good for him to return to this confrontational relationship. But if the state mandates this law, how can he not? A year is a long time to live in misery!We really need some answers.

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