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Greetings. I do not read such long posts in detail, as I want to devote equal time to everyone. I got half way through and I cannot find a question. What is your question…please be clear.

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Hello I have a few questions that I am hoping some of you will be able to help me with. I am currently seperated from my husband, been seperated over a year. We have been married for eight years and live in NC. He had a girlfriend before I even moved out of the house. He is in the military and right now over in Iraq. We were starting to discuss our divorce proceedings before he left to go to war. However, we decided to put them on hold until his return. He told everyone that he was ordered to go to war, only to confide in me later on through email that he requested to go to Iraq to get away from me and all the divorce issues we were having. Before he left he said he would give me Power of Attorney, however a few days before leaving he told me he gave it to his grandmother who lives in Vermont. We own a house together and I go up every month to check up on this house. I dont want his gf in the house because if anything should happen to it I and my husband would be responsible for it not her. My husband says that I am not on the title or financial papers and I have no right to dictate who can stay at his house. I have asked him numerous times to give me proof from the financial instution that I am not responsible for the house to clear up this matter, as I signed papers at the real estate office for the house too. He has had over a year and has refused to have them send me anything. His girlfriend and grandmother have become very close because they have one thing in common they both hate me for being the wife. The grandmother was going to have the girlfriend come down to the house and change the locks on it so I couldnt get in. My husband knew about this and agreed. I in turn told them I changed the locks already on the house and have the only key and told the police to keep a watch out for strangers lurking around. I really didnt but didnt want to be locked out of my own house. The grandmother who has power of attorney was going to give the girlfriend limited power of attorney to take care of the tax blocks on both vehicles his and my car. I believe I should be given limited power of attorney to do this as I am his wife. I have also requested numerous times a copy of his LES but he has refused to send me anything to this day. I cant register my car because the title is in my husbands name and so is the registration. He took insurance off the car in Febubary and did not tell me. So, I have been driving around with revoked liscence plates and not knowing it. I got insurance on my car now however it is no good because I cant register the car as the title is in my husbands name, I found this out the day I went to register it and the insurance problems too. I have tried calling the grandmother to have the title switched over into my name, but I think she screens her calls cause I never get an answer. I am at a wits end and do not know what to do. I need this car for work and to get around with. I am on the financial papers for the car but not listed on the title even though it is my car. My husband helps me out by giving me 300 a month for the car payment which I greatly need right now. So, I am driving around an illegal car with no way to fix the problem. He also called me up a few weeks ago saying he broke up with his gf and asked me move back home. I told him I needed time to make this decision and since he was at war we should wait to discuss it until he got back home, he didnt like that answer so he has started to ignore me and got back with his gf. He has threatened to stop sending me money and has told me his grandmother is in the process of finding an attorney for our divorce proceedings. There is so much more to tell about this issue however I feel as if I’ve written a novel already. Someone please help me figure out what to do. Its hard when he is in Iraq and his whole family is ignoring me.