Does a mother who signs VPA Have the right change her mind


I was legally married and gave birth to a son will in another state than nc. When said child was to I moved to nc and pursued custody was to I was advised against paternity tests to use VPA for instead. Even though its been years I did realize till now that this man might not be his child and i want to fix this if for know reason than for medical purposes. I have pictures that show why one parent would doubt the parentage.


You can pursue a paternity action here in NC.


You can contact your local Child support office, but you may encounter some fighting and arguing over some things with them. Here is my experinces with it all.

Child support didn’t want to do the test. They just wanted to go full force on him paying for the child that wasn’t his. We both said the child wasn’t. They said that the father on the birth certificate is the father of the child by law. They asked if he was there when the child was born, etc.

Well, the father on the birth certificated and I were up for divorce. I knew he wasn’t the father, but since I was married to him at the time he had to be put on the birth certificate. I didn’t feel it was right for him to pay child support on a child he didn’t want anything to do with and with her medical condition, I needed him off so I could go after the real father who knew he was 100% the father.

Well when we were up for the child support division to take over the child support. I had my ex (father on birth certificate, have his attorney in the courts to ask the judge for a DNA. We both knew he wasn’t the father. After going over the details of why we wanted the test with the judge and also showing and talking with him, he did grant the DNA.

The child support division didn’t want to do the test because by law he was the father on the BC. Try hard to get them to understand the importance’s of this test. They may or may not do it. You might have to pay for the test on your own. This happen with the onslow CS.