Paternity-Please Help

Dear Kekenc:

Greetings. First, he has to take the paternity test, and he should want to do the same. I do not know whether or not he will have to pay for the same if administered by NC Child Support Enforcement, but he should carefully ask who has to pay for this test.

Next, you may want to file a child custody action. What type of person denies her son his father…especially when his father is a hardworking, honest, upstanding man? This is the question you will want to put in front of the court. It may also be in the best interests of the minor child for his father to be in his life and all the lies he was told to be revealed. If you can obtain custody, then she may end up paying you support. Best of luck and I am sorry to hear about her evil, underhanded, devious, and callous ways.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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A lady came to my husband about two weeks ago saying that she wants to finally come clean about my husband being the father of her 14 year old son. My husband went to this women when this child was born asking was he the father, she said no he was not and to go away. Another man claimed to be the father. This lady is now saying that a blood test was done 14 years ago with the other man and it did come back negative, but they both went on with their lives and him being the boys father. His name is not on the birth certificate but this boy carry this mans last name. So she came to my husband about this two weeks ago saying that she wanted him to take the blood test, my husband was willing to do it, because he has always felt like this was his child, but he told her that he would pay for half and she should pay for half. She did not want to do that, so we just found out today that she has went to Social Services and filed for child support and has signed a form as my husband being the father. We are so upset, I know now my husband will have to pay for the entire test if he refuses to sign the child support order. He’s not planning on denying the order, because he’s just giving in to what she wants. He really believe the child is his son. But whats right does my husband have. We know now that this is not about this child its about her wanting things done her way and she wants some money.We will take care of the child but we should not have to go through social services paying her child support. Because the money will not be used to take care of the child. We know that we cant do anything about that, because by law if he is the father he will have to pay child support. But does he have any rights, since she has denied my husband of his parental rights for 14 years, can’t he take her to court for that. We dont know what to do, we will pay the child support buts its not right that she can come up 14 years with this and win everything. Its just not fair. We have proof, witnesses, evidence whatever to prove that she is not being fair to us. Please Help. I know you cant tell us everything, we just need to know if we have rights here.