Does Alimony Count as GROSS Income?

Dear JustBreathe:

Gretings. First, of course we cannot answer your question by phone, or any other attorney - as we have clients to care for #1. Generally no, alimony is not counted in the child support number. Thank you.

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I’ve been away for a while! Thanks for the reply, Jane! You’ve answered the alimony question…the second part would be in figuring extraordinary expenses to pick up his kids. We travel approximately 540 miles round trip every other weekend to pick them up. Would my husband be allowed to claim the cost of gas as an expense to be deducted from the Child Support? His Ex will not meet us half way and the cost alone is a HUGE burden on our already stretched finances…but we love our kids so we do what we must. Its not by choice we live so far away…the distance is job related.

For anyone who asks the question…what is “extraordinary expenses” anyway?

Thank you so much!

My question from last week was pushed back and never answered by an attorney…and no one will answer my question on the phone. I’ll try one more time…When recalculating the CS does the Ex’s alimony she receives from my husband count as part of her Gross Income calculation? She does not work full time. Alimony is written into the final decree as a set amount that she is to pay taxes on and deductible on taxes paid by my husband.
Can I please get a legal response? Thank you [:)]