Does she need to be in court

I was wondering if my soon to be ex wife needs to be in court when i go? She says she doesnt want to be there and her mom thought she didnt have to be. Just didnt want her to get in trouble and didnt want to have to push this any longer than it has to be. I am the one that filed for divorce and all that. Also she has been served and i need to know other than the green form i got back from the post office that shows where she signed that she got it what else do i need to take back to the clerks office. And if so what is the correct procedure for filling that form out. Thanks!

Take the green card to the clerk for proof of service, after your ex’s time to respond has expired (30 days from the date of service) you may ask the clerk for a hearing date. Your soon to be ex does not need to appear in court.