Does the court need to provide notification?

I have been coughing up anywhere from 70-90 percent of everything I make to support my spouse and the children for most of the separation. Spouse refuses to get a job or take financial responsibility for anything, and relies on “friends” to pay for her expensive attorney and other needs, and demands that she get everything. She’s served me with papers to attend a hearing for post separation support, interim distribution, and temporary child support.

Today, spouse’s ATTY says I have not send in the required financial affidavit papers (I never received any sort of notice from the court), and offers: “Would you like for me to make a proposal to resolve the issues on Monday? If so, please forward me your most recent paystub today and your most recent bank account statement and I will make you an offer. If you don’t wish to do that we’ll deal with it in our hearing on Monday.”

Is this accurate? I didn’t even receive a notice of the hearing until a week ago.

You are required to read the local rules and submit all required documents on time ( normally the requirement is that you turn over your documents a certain number of days after the lawsuit has been filed.)
I would suggest you go ahead and pass the documents the lawyer requested on to him.