Domestic violence protective order


I have a DPO hearing next week because i called my ex a bitch in public. Last time i checked calling somebody a bitch and yelling at them for wasting your time was not a crime. she had asked me to help my stepson who is 20 to buy a new car after he was hit by a drunk. she also asked me to negotiate with the insurance company on their behalf. i got upset with her at a dealership and told her i was done with the process and wanted to leave called her a bitch and pointed my finger at her from 10 feet away.

now she has stabbed me before hit me thrown stuff at me while i had an infant in my arms. none of which i called the police about but was documented
in family counseling sessions.


Unless she can demonstrate to the court that is actually and substantially in fear that you will harm her physically, she should not be awarded an order of protection.

Unfortunately the abuse you have suffered will not be relevant in the hearing.