Don't want to live on the street

I am not an attorney, but if you are reliant on her income and have been, just because you are a make does not mena you pay. She could quite possibly have to pay you alimony, since she is the one bringing in the income to the marriage. Child Support is figured by each parents income and other situations like living status and such. If you did pay any child support at all it would be literally a few dollars if you only brought in $300/month. But like I said again I am not a lawyer, I just thought you might want to know these things.

Dear mikeb:

Greetings. It appears to me that you are a dependent spouse, which would mean that your wife would have to pay alimony to you. You may also want to file for public assistance to help you find a place to live that is cost appropriate.

As far as child support, if your 18 year old daughter is still in high school, then yes, you will have to pay child support for her until she graduates. You will also have to pay child support for your son. Thank you.

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Due to some physical and mental problems I am only able to work part time. I depend on my wife’s income. I make about $300-$400 per month. Where will I live? Being the father do I have to pay child support for my 18 year old daughter and 16 year old son? Do I have to pay alimony?
Any advice will be appreciated. Thank you for your time.

Steven Barbato