DPVO questions

I currently have an ex parte DVPO for my STBX. I understand that that the DPVO must be served by a deputy from the county he resides (which is another state.

At the time I did not know this, so when I received a text message from him on my way home from court I called his atty’s office and told them who I was and who he was. They acknowledged he is a client, I hen explained he just texted me and that there is a temp PO in affect, so I will not respond to his text, but please let him know it is in place. I also had a copy faxed to his atty.

I know he knows about the order (he called people he had helping him keep tabs on me to warn them they may be subpeonaed and to circle the wagons.) Now the sherriff’s office has been having difficulty serving him (he won’t answer the door.)

I realize that he is using a loophole in the system to pass time and build his case (he hasn’t contacted me since the text, which is not normal - and by law he just has to saw he wasn’t serviced even though he already has a copy of the order and knows about it.)

Once it is finally served, what can I do (I am going in without an atty) to make sure the situation is properly represented? I am only asking that boundries be put in place to protect me and my oldest son (his stepson he keeps harassing me to visit with after I have repeated occasions where I told him no more since May/Jun 08.) I want him to be allowed to continue his cort ordered visitation of our son and to be able to call him 2-3 times a week… I just want that repeated harassing text messages/emails, the stalking/spying (drive bys, other people keeping tabs and calling him, him visiting my home when I am not there, his anger outbursts and abusive/crude language that he has used towards me and in front of the children on occasion, ect…), him making constant veiled threats to take our son from me, his demands to know EVERYTHING about my life, him using my grandmother as a pawn to harass me and my son, ect…

The reality is that he does scare me. I moved to another county to feel safer (it puts an entire county between us.) I am trying to get my life back - he has had me living on edge over the past year: my curtains were never open, I jumped everytime I heard a car like his outside the house, I became a hermit and no longer participated in group activities I used to do with the kids, I have established a new circle of friends due to his use of old friends to gather intel and keep tabs on me. I finally hit the point where I am tired of worrying and being scared of his reaction because I finally take a step to protect us.

What else can I do?