Drinking and Driving

My husband has been drinking and driving since last summer that I have been aware of. Can I get a legal separation due to this? I am afraid he is going to get a DWI and I dont want to be a part of it. He had two DWI’s before I met him over 20 yrs ago. He is now going through a mid life crisis at 50 years old and acting like he did in his very young days. What can I do? Thanks.

You are legally separated as soon as you being living separate and apart. That means, you will be separated as soon as either your husband or you moves out of the marital home.

Yeah dear I am sure you can get divorce from your husband if he is a drunkard and also such people can do drunk driving too. When I was working as a DUI lawyer, I saw so many people doing drunk driving and then blaming family issues behind their behavior. So in my opinion go for legal seperation. Hope it helps you!

Thank you so much for your replies. There is no excuse for drunk driving that is for sure! I am getting my ducks in a row before I make a move. Hopefully, it wont be much longer.