I have five girls that have visitation with their dad in North Carolina. I recently found out that two of my girls ages 12 and almost 14 were offered drugs from one of the sons of my ex’s girlfriend. What should I do? I do not want any of my girls exposed to drugs …they are absolutely not allowed in my home!


You need to file a motion to modify, seeking a provision in your Order which will prohibit the girlfriend or her children from being in your ex’s home while he is exercising visitation. It doesn’t sound like that house is a good environment for your kids while she and her kids are there. If the custody is in an order (regardless of whether it was done by consent) you must prove a substantial change in circumstances has occurred. Based on the facts you list, I don’t see this as presenting a problem.


I have moved out of the state. Do I need to come to NC to file the motion?


My ex’s girlfriend and her children live with him.


You should state that the children should not be present in the home while the new girlfriend or her children are living there due to the drugs. If the last hearing was in NC, NC now has continuing jurisdiction until this state releases the case. North Carolina will have continuing and exclusive jurisdiction unless and until all parties leave the state.