During separation

I forgot to ask… Do you have any reccomendations for a GOOD attorney in the Greenville, NC area? There are quite a few listed in the yellow pages, but it is difficult to ascertain their qualifications from phone book ads.

You and I are in the same boat. My husband and I have only been separated for 3 months and he is LIVING with a female–he keeps denying it, but I had a source to tell my exactly where he was—I went there and his two vehicles were to the house—and he does not know yet that I’ve seen this. And I have also asked this same question about criminal conversation and alienation of affection—but have not gotten a response yet but from a non law person, I was told that the intruder in the relation could be sued—and I do plan to do something but I don’t know what yet-- I do not want him back but I want them both to pay for this situation that I am going through!!!


Dear Mcdgrid:

Greetings. Your wife sounds totally ungrateful for your devotion and love, and callous too. Anyway, you currently may have an action for aliention of affection. Your actions against this boyfriend would not have anything to do with your actions involving the divorce, unless you wanted to use it to negotiate with your wife.

Since your wife has committed adultery, if you can prove the same, if she is the dependent spouse, she would no longer be entitled to alimony. If you are the dependent spouse, she will have to pay you alimony. The cheating does not have anything to do with equitable distribution. The custody may be affected by the adultery if it involves the children in some respect.

Also, our office refers to Jeffrey Miller in Greenville.

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I have recently discovered that my wife has been engaged in an affair with a co-worker for the last couple of months. She asserts that if we officially separates, that she would be able to date him while waiting for the divorce to become final. Everything that I have read states that I would have a case for alienation of affection already (assuming the evidence I’ve collected could be used) and if she proceeded in dating him after the separation, a case for criminal conversation. Is this the case and if so how would the affair (which took place in my home with my 4 year old present) affect issues involved in the divorce (such as custody of the 3 kids, and bill and property disbursement)?