DVPO Case - What happens in Court?


I’m Defendant in a DVPO Case - I do not have a Lawyer (can’t afford one).
STBX (Plantiff) has a Lawyer.

All her allegations are vague, ridiculous, and False.
(Not asking you do believe me, I’m just saying).

What happens in court ?

I assumed the Judge would simply ask us each our side of the story.
However since she has a Lawyer, does her Lawyer question me instead of the Judge ?
Then that would mean I would have to talk to (question) my STBX, right ?
I do NOT want to even talk to her.

Can I have the Judge question her ?
Can I have a Friend question her, or can ONLY a Lawyer question her ?
Can I have a Paralegal or Legal Assist do it ?

I’m not a Big Dummy, just a big dummy in this legal circus.
Outside of Erin, I have yet to meet a Lawyer, that was decent or helpful.


You will have the opportunity to tell your side of the story in court and your ex’s attorney will have the opportunity to question you as well.

Your ex’s lawyer will ask her questions when she is on the stand, and you will have the opportunity to cross examine her but do not have to. You cannot have a friend question her, only you or a lawyer who represents you may question the witness.

There are many lawyers who are helpful and some who may be able to offer you a discounted rate based on the specifics of your situation. I strongly advise you to get a lawyer to defend this action.