E/D credit cards

I’m not a lawyer, so take with the obligatory grain/cube/saltlick of salt, and check w/ your attorney.

I think you can include at least part of the credit card balance as part of E/D, if you can somehow detail how much of the balance is/was separate, and how much is/was marital.

Given that you’ve had the card over 12 years, and were unmarried for a very short period of time after obtaining the card, however, any separate portion is likely to be small. And if the balance hit $0 or less during the marriage, I think that the separate portion would also be $0. (Any balance accrued since DOS would be separate, however, unless the credit card was a joint card.)

Of course, if you want to motion that it be deemed separate, I don’t think that would be an issue, although your attorney might raise their eyebrows a bit.

At the very minimum, if you’re not motioning for it to be deemed separate, you will probably need a statement (or at least a figure for the balance) as of date of marriage, date of separation, and now.

Dear misstee:

Greetings. The credit card can be included in ED since the charges made prior to the marriage were probably paid off long ago and the only charges existing on the date of separation were all marital. Good luck.

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I’m legally separated and next week we are going to Pretrial E/D conference. I obtained a credit card in my name 5/94,we married 8/94. I used this credit card to purchase household items for the family. Can this be credit card be included in E/D?