E/D Marital Property?...Name not on Deed

The bad news is you may not have any rights to the home since you were not on the deed. You may be able to convince a judge that you put “sweat Equity” into the home and paid for the repairs and upgrades to the home, and may receive some compensation for that. Good luck.

You very likely have some interest in the home.

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I’m going through a divorce and seem to be hitting all the dead end roads. My attorney seems to snow me over every time I’m in his office, but sends me conflicting letters in the mail only to confuse me again. I have so many questions involving the seperation & divorce, I could write a book. Of course with no answers.

Anyway, my question here is, My wife owned a home before we were married, but it needed quiet alot of work to be livable. I did or had the work done, but have no receipts to show amounts. I’ve been told half the house would be mine. Now, her grandmother owns the land the house is on. My name is no where on any deed. But I lived there as her husband for 3 years. Put alot of time, sweat, and quiet honestly, love into making that our home.


My wife has not spoken a work to me since the day we seperated a year ago. There was no justifible reason, but she had a 50-b placed on me so I couldn’t go home. Then of all things, my attorney screwed up the court date on that…so we never had a chance to talk. I feel like a kitten in a burlap sack, thrown over the bridge…Never knew what happened & never had a fair chance.