ED Considerations, or not?

Is it worth pursuing and documenting the following (my guess is yes, if litigating, but what about for an SA or mediation–
does documenting these things have “ED currency” in non-litigation situations?
1) The fact that I largely paid spouse’s (substantial) educational expenses while married. How does one establish this if we had joint accounts at the time-- is it enough to establish that my income was 10x spouse’s during the loan payback period (and that spouse’s income at the time was not sufficient even for self-support)? What will I need in terms of documentation other than tax returns-- loan satisfaction documents, bank statements, what?
2) The fact that spouse forced me to pay for, by myself, the loss incurred in selling a house in a bad market (we didn’t even have to sell it-- “downsizing” was her decision)? The house was purchased after married, and we lived there together
the whole time we owned it-- shouldn’t some of that debt (a considerable sum) have been considered spouse’s responsiblity?
How best to document that I absorbed this debt (I even had to take out an unsecured loan to pay some of the deficit)?

                                                                                                                      Many thanks

Your contribution to your spouse’s educational debts should be a consideration in an ED case whether the case is settled or litigated. The payments on the loans coming from a martial account will be enough to show your contribution to this debt.

The debt on the house is marital, and even if paid from “separate accounts” will be considered to have been paid by the marriage as any funds you had during the marriage were martial in nature, regardless of the title to the account.