Email conversations


Okay just found some disturbing emails and photos of husbands betrayal. How can this go in my favor. He has moved out but he is sleeping with her and one of the emails states so. Married 22 years. I want what is fair but now I want more. Emotional Wreck!!! If he is moved out is he allowed to be doing this. We have no seperation agreement in place. He has also come into the home when I was not here today and removed his hard drive from his computer and anything he thought would be damaging to him. Lord walk with me in this and hold my hand all the way and see what is fair to me.


Adultery is still a crime in NC, however the likelihood of the state prosecuting such a case is unlikely.

If you are a dependant spouse, your ex’s behavior will bolster your claim for alimony, and if the affair began prior to your physical separation you may have a cause of action for alienation of affection and/or criminal conversation against his paramour.