No the equipment your accessing e.g. the mail server belongs to a company that company has not given the spouse permission to access its assets. Regardless if the spouse has a username and password. The injured party in this case would be the company and they would be within their rights so seek criminal charges. The employee would also be up for displine since they allowed their username and passwords to fall into an unapproved persons hands. Since NC is a right to work state they could be discharged on the spot.



Hi There,
I have a question that I hope can be easily answered. Is it legal to use your spouse’s work email account and password without permission to access the emails he or she was sending to a third party with whom there might have been a love relationship ?
I’m in the middle of a discussion regarding alimony with my ex, and I want to make sure I can have emails admitted in court, even though I heard that a certain law on wiretapping might prevent that from happening.
Many thanks in advance.